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Latest version: Qatrix 1.1 stable

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Change Log

Add $require and $template
Add $
Add support to load as AMD
New $event API with $even.on and $
$id supported string with split id
Many bug fixed and code improvement

History Releases
  • Qatrix 1.0.2

    $css.get can retrieve multiple CSS properties
    Fix $ajax error bug and add error status code on error callback as first argument
    Fix $animate bug for left and top css property
    Fix $class bug for IE6-8
    Fix $ajax bug for IE6

  • Qatrix 1.0

    All dom API supports use array of elements as first argument to manipulate elements at the same time
    New $toggle, $show, $hide function with animation supported
    Remove $cache
    $ajax can sent object/array data
    $event.remove support multiple events
    $cookie.set support mutiple data
    Faster $each
    Many optimization
    Fix opacity compatibility for IEs

  • Qatrix 0.9.9

    Fix $text for BR elememt and newline problem
    New mapcall function for selectors callback
    Optimize framework initialization for lighter file size and $animate determination
    Simplified mouseenter handler
    Fix $dom
    $event.add supports binding event as object argument
    Simplified license

  • Qatrix 0.9.8

    $cookie can storage and fetch Array and Object as value
    Optimize $cookie.set, $ajax, $stroage.set code
    $ready will remove DOMContentLoaded event after callback handler is fired
    Fix $offset value for IEs

  • Qatrix 0.9.7

    New initial construction of framework
    Optimize code for better performance
    Fix $text for better compatibility
    Fix $event.metaKey

  • Qatrix 0.9.6

    Fix $text, $html, $animate for empty and 0 value
    Fix $loadscript compatibility
    Optimize for $cookie.get

  • Qatrix 0.9.5

    $animate supports negative number
    $offset returns offsetWidth and offsetHeight
    Better code for $ajax
    Optimize null determination for higher performance
    Optimize code for higher performance and lighter file size

  • Qatrix 0.9.4

    Fix $event.add for mouseenter and mouseleave for IE
    Fix $json.decode for null value
    Optimize $text for getting the text value from inline and block element
    Use getBoundingClientRect method for $offset

  • Qatrix 0.9.3

    Fix $ready bug
    Fix $event.add and $event.remove compatibility
    Fix $animate for IE opacity bug
    Optimize $event.key

  • Qatrix 0.9.2

    Fix $ready bug
    Fix $event.add and $event.remove compatibility
    Fix $animate for IE opacity bug
    Optimize $event.key

  • Qatrix 0.9.1

    Add $storage function
    Add $json.encode function
    Add error callback option to $ajax
    Optimize for $new
    Optimize for initialization

  • Qatrix 0.9

    Optimize and shorten all function codes, reduced the file size about 4KB!
    Fix some function return values.
    Add $dom selector
    Fix $select return value
    Optimize $new for better compatibility and prevent memory leak
    Optimize $string.trim
    Fix $data.get return value
    Fix and optimize compatibility for $event.add
    Optimize $event.remove
    Fix $ready compatibility
    $html and $text can return the HTML or text value from the element
    Optimize for $className.add, $className.has, $className.remove for better compatibility and performance
    Increase $animate performance
    Fix $cookie.get and $cookie.set return value
    Fix $json compatibility
    Optimize $ajax
    Optimze $loadscript
    Optimze framework initialization
    4/12/2012 The first stable version

  • Qatrix 0.8.9

    Optimized and fixed for $ready
    Add $className.has

  • Qatrix 0.8.8

    $id support id string
    Fixed $data.get return value
    Fixed $class.add while adding with same class name
    Add default duration for $animate
    Optimized for $cookie.remove
    Fixed $json.isJSON process

  • Qatrix 0.8.7

    Fixed $select for IE6/7
    Fixed $cache.get return null for zero
    Optimized for initialization

  • Qatrix 0.8.6

    Add $select, $id, $className.set functions
    Increase $animate performance
    Highly increase DOM insertion performance and fix bugs
    Fixed $className.add problem; Fixed $ready compatibility
    Supported IE10 CSS transition for animation
    Optimize code performance

  • Qatrix 0.8.3

    $tag and $class callback function will not execute if have no elements matched
    Fixed some functions with returnable value

  • Qatrix 0.8.2

    Optimized for $each performance
    Fixed $cookie.remove bug
    Fixed and optimized browser detection
    Fixed $remove bug
    Fixed $string.camelCase for IE prefix

  • Qatrix 0.8.1

    Fixed firefox animation bug
    Fixed $text() error

  • Qatrix 0.8

    The first public version for download