About Qatrix

Qatrix is a new kind of JavaScript framework targeting on building up high performance and flexible web application with less code and friendly construction. It`s free and open source.

Qatrix is designed to simplify the script with friendly and easy-to-learn code construction and noticeably increase the performance and efficiency for the development of web application. It included hardware accelerated animation, DOM element selectors, DOM manipulation, event handle, AJAX, cookie and some of useful functions, and incredibly, with only about 5KB gzipped and compressed file size.

Qatrix is also the first complete JavaScript framework supported hardware accelerated animation under CSS3 transition. The Qatrix animation effects is run impressively smoother and faster than other frameworks. And the performance of most common manipulation is higher than other frameworks about 50% on average.

The features of Qatrix is here: http://qatrix.com/features

The name of Qatrix

Quick + Matrix (By the means of the collection of something and the movie The Matrix for all computer programmers known.)

The license

The Qatrix JavaScript is under MIT license. You can freely to use or distribute for your project as long as declaring the original copyright information.

Read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License

The founder

Angel Lai, the founder of Qatrix, and the founder of Catfan, Mu6 and Medoo at the same time. He is the only one man responsible for all those projects, and love clear and flexible design and the easy-to-use user experience.


Any questions? Want to join the team? Or are you using Qatrix to your project? Please feel free to send email to [email protected], we will list your site on the list. :)